4 Bail Bonds Facts

If you are arrested, you’ll be given a bail bond amount except in extreme circumstances. The bond is an amount of money that you can pay to the courts to free yourself from jail until your court appearance, where a judge ultimately decides your fate. Most people who are arrested use bail bonds Indiana to get out of jail and so should you. Read below to learn four important bail bonds facts and use this information to your advantage.

1.    Bond Fee: The bondsman that gets you out of jail does it at a reduced price. You’d pay the courts the total bond amount, which varies according to the criminal charges you face. A bondsman charges just 10% of their amount, plus a small service fee. It is much easier to get out of jail when using a bondsman.

2.    Faster: People who make bond using a bondsman are given preference for release. This means they get out faster. So while it is true that you will still endure processing, except to be out of jail first when your bond is made.

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3.    Service: When you are arrested you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible, even if it is Christmas Day or the wee hours of the morning. When a bondsman is used, it is easy to get out of jail no matter what the time or day.

4.    Go to Court: When you sign a bond to get out of jail, you are making a loan of sorts with the bonding company. If you fail to appear in court as promised, the bond is revoked and you are arrested and put back into jail.

Can a bondsman help you get out of jail? You bet he can but it is up to you to make the call and get services when they’re needed.