Questions to Ask When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right divorce attorney to handle your case is important to a satisfactory outcome of the case.  Without the legal expertise of a great tampa divorce lawyer, you will pay the ultimate price in court. Not only do you take the risk of losing big in court, you also add stress and frustration to the case. Ask a few questions before you hire an attorney and it is much easier to get the best professional on the case. Some of the most important questions to ask before hiring an attorney:

1- Do You Specialize in my Case Type?

tampa divorce lawyer

Any attorney can handle your divorced, but the question is do you want them to? When you choose an attorney who specializes in divorce, there is assurance that your case will be handled the right way.

2- How Long Have You Practiced Law?

You want to choose an attorney that has practiced law for some time. The more experience the attorney has, the more comfort you have in a great case outcome. A fresh out of law school lawyer is eager but lacks the courtroom expertise that you need.

3- What is Your Representation Style?

Some attorneys use an aggressive fighting style and go tooth and nail with the lawyers, judges, and witnesses to win their client’s case. Some fight for their clients using a less aggressive approach. If this is important to your case, inquire of their representation style ahead of retaining them for services.

4- What is the Total Cost?

Attorneys may charge a flat rate to represent you in court or they may have hourly fees instead. Ask about the technique used to pay the costs of the case before you hire. Be sure to ask about additional fees that you may encounter, not just the fees for retaining a lawyer.